Analyze Your Companys Need for Vacation Tracking Software


The primary purpose of vacation tracking software is to streamline and organize the process of tracking earned and taken vacation days, personal days and sick time for each employee in an organization. Without a formal system in place, manually tracking and recording this information can be confusing and even lead to inaccurate records, wrong payroll check payments and a decline in employee morale.

Brainstorming PTO tracking software in organization

Vacation tracking software does require an investment on the part of the business, so many owners, entrepreneurs, and managers evaluate whether the software is necessary or not. Understanding the three primary benefits the software provides can help you analyze whether your company has a need for vacation tracking software.


One of the primary features of tracking software is the built-in automation feature. The automation increases the accuracy of the records because it eliminates the possibility of human error. When human resource professionals are the ones left the responsibility of inputting and tracking vacation data, absences can go unrecorded, inaccurate numbers can be input and calculations can be wrong. Vacation tracking software manages all of the processes of vacation tracking for you.

Instant Access

Vacation software is all-encompassing and comprehensive. Everything that relates to each employee’s vacation time, sick days and personal days is in the tracking system.

Managers and supervisors, and even employees can pull these records when and if they need them. With a manual tracking system, timesheets can go missing and this information has to be located, especially if the maintenance of a paper file is not proper.  

Saves Time

Vacation software saves everyone in the organization time because it streamlines the vacation request and tracking procedure. It saves employees time in requesting time off because the software handles everything and automatically routes it through to the correct people to process the request. Additionally, when the time off is approved, the system records this information in the employee’s file, so that the records are accurate across the board.

Additionally, the software saves managers, supervisors and human resource professionals’ time. Again, this is where the automation process of the software comes into play. The electronic features also eliminate the time of paper shuffling and filing, which adds time to the process.

Understanding what vacation tracking software is and how it can benefit your business are the first two steps to determining if it is a software your business needs.

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