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CaptureLeave is a result of our frustration with the lack of an easy to use leave management and vacation tracking system. The current crop of systems are either too unwieldy or absurdly complicated and expensive so we designed CaptureLeave with the sole goal of making vacation tracking and leave management easy.

Why Companies Select CaptureLeave

We know you have many choices when it comes to leave management systems. Here’s why so many companies have selected CaptureLeave. Here’s a hint, it is because of the value they derive each and every day from the system and service.

Here are the top 5 reasons customers give for selecting us.



CaptureLeave was launched in 2012 as a SaaS application for managing leaves of absences and vacation tracking. We essentially decided to opt for the SaaS model because this gave our customers the greatest value and flexibility where they were not locked into long-term contracts with legacy systems which did not meet their needs. Since 2012, CaptureLeave has continued to push the envelope in innovation, customer service, and security.

As a small business, we have to be sound financial stewards of our brand, plowing back resources into our platform so that our customers can continue to benefit. While many have come and gone, CaptureLeave along with our sister brand eLeaP continue to be strong, reliable and consistent brands providing peace of mind and results for customers. Pick up the phone and call us 877-624-7226 and speak with a real live person.


As software engineers, we are keenly aware of how easy it is to 'throw everything and the kitchen sink, and hope something sticks'. We know companies who 'force' clients to jump through hoops just to use their products. We reject the popular notion that simplicity is out of style. Instead, we spend too many hours (and coffee) continuing to improve processes and systems to their simplest and most elegant. Our customers appreciate this and we hope you will too. Take us for a spin and let us know if we are 'full of it' or truly special. As we are not a part of any other system we are free to bring serious innovation to bear in solving complex business challenges.

Simplicity does not mean, skimming on robustness and value. Please see our documentation and tutorials section to experience the comprehensiveness of the CaptureLeave platform.


It seems like every day corporations and organizations are in the news for the wrong reasons. We are humble and hungry. We don't take your trust and support for granted. In fact, we joke that we have to earn our keep each and every day, month, year and on. In an industry where success is measured in nanoseconds of uptime records, platform availability, support, and other factors account for how trustworthy and reliable you are perceived, CaptureLeave continues to earn accolades for reliability, trust and value year after year. Don’t believe us, ask us for our business references and see for yourself.

Our customers tell us new releases are seamlessly integrated into their workflow with no problems. We also ensure that the platform is tested and validated in our live development instance before integration to our production servers. 


So we believe passionately in having one platform for managing all your leaves of absence. Your time is valuable and having to go through spreadsheets or even, gasp, physical paper to try to document leaves of absences is simply torture we don't want to inflict on anyone (maybe except Max...) but that's a different story. We also work hard to provide a seamless and secure integration with any third party applications and systems that need access to the platform.

From mobile leave requests and management to just-in-time employee utilization assessments, CaptureLeave provides our customers with a system that is comprehensive enough to cater to any situation but simple enough to not overwhelm non-IT manager and users. This is the hardest thing to achieve in tech. While we never satisfied with where we are, we know the useful feedback from users on the platform continues to serve as the bedrock for innovation, longevity, and value-add.

Extended Services:

Yes, we know you probably found us because you needed a leave management system. No worries, many of our customers come for the leave management system but end up staying for the extensive services we offer. From a world-class learning management system and a library of engaging content for every industry to custom content development, many of you have expressed great satisfaction with the fact that you like dealing with one company to provide you a full suite of services. That is real value!

For some of you entrepreneurial types, having access to our founder Don Weobong, to brainstorm ideas and new innovations including marketing and sales strategies has been invaluable to you achieving your own success. CaptureLeave is a strong part of the Telania brand which stands for Simplicity, Innovation, and Trust. We welcome you to join us today.

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If you have questions or need a live demo or training,  email us at [email protected]. You can download a brochure here.

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