Avoid Employee Vacation Nightmares


3 Ways to Avoid Employee Vacation Tracking Nightmares

Certain times of the year are more popular vacation times than other times of the year. Summer days and the days leading up to and surrounding holidays are popular vacation times for employees. Unfortunately, unless your business policy is to close down the office at slow times of the year, all of your employees cannot take a vacation at the same time. You can avoid employee vacation tracking nightmares by employing these three tactics.

Employee overscheduling nightmares and PTO

Offer Incentives

Offer employees that opt to work rather than take vacations during popular times incentives. You can pay a bonus or increase their hourly rate. You can also offer non-monetary incentives. Bring in lunch for employees that work through the summer or holiday weeks. Hand out gift cards to the favorite nearby coffee shop. Find the sweet spot for your employees and offer it as a way to entice them to work instead of taking vacation.

Reassign Coverage of Duties

Not all employees are going to opt for the incentives over taking their vacation time. When employees are going to be out of the office, reassign their duties and responsibilities to another employee during their absence. Have the vacationing employee meet with their supervisor prior to leaving to handoff any work that can’t be neglected while they are out of the office. The supervisor can then decide which employee should manage the work in the employee’s absence.

Prep for Absences

Have the employee taking over the vacationing employee’s work and the vacationing employee meet with each other. The employee going on vacation should go over all of the work with the covering employee. This allows the employee that is responsible for completing the work to ask questions to make sure that they fully understand. Preparing for employee vacations in this manner can help to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks while an employee is out on vacation.

Vacations are a time for employees to relax and come back to work refreshed, clear and ready to work. Problems arise, however, when all of your employees want to take the same vacation days. Since all of the employees being out of the office at the same time causes work to come to a halt, you have to find ways to avoid vacation tracking nightmares. When you implement these three points of advice, you can take your first few steps in avoiding a vacation issue.

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