Support FAQs



To remove approved days off follow these steps:

  1. To to the [Employees] tab of your CaptureLeave account
  2. Search for and click on the name of the employee you need to change the approved days off
  3. Scroll to the [Days Off Approved] section (on the left) and click on [Delete] next to each approved day you want to cancel or remove.

To change your password, you have to log in using your existing password:

  1. Then click the drop-down arrow next to your name on the top right corner of your account
  2. Select the [Change Password] option
  3. Enter your existing (old) password and then enter your new password (repeat this to ensure it is correct)
  4. Click [Save] and you are done.

Setting up Custom Leave Labels:

To set up Sick Leave which won't impact vacation balance, use Custom Labels.

First, create a Custom Label (maybe Sick Leave) and make sure it is set as a NO for [Paid] value. This way when employees select the type of leave as Sick Leave, CaptureLeave will know not to deduct this from the user's vacation balance.

See how to create Custom Labels at -

Yes, we have details of how the CaptureLeave system works. Take a look at the detailed leave tracking system.