Vacation Tracking Software


What to Look for in Vacation Tracking Software

One tool human resource professionals or business managers can use to manage employee vacations is vacation tracking software. Several different options are available so it is important to know what to look for in a software program.

Finding the most versatile vacation tracking software requires tact

Easy to Use

The first characteristic to look for in vacation tracking software is it is easy to use. Some companies allow you to take the software on a test drive or enjoy a free trial before buying. This allows you to test the software out. Some features that can make the software easier to use include:

  • Quick calendar views

  • Color coding

  • Downloadable reports

  • Annual holiday lists

  • Email alerts

Safety and Security

A lot of personal and sensitive information and data goes into a vacation tracking software system. You want the software you use to possess a high grade encryption that protects your data. Additionally, you want to make sure that the program has some sort of a data backup so that you don’t lose any of your important data.


Automation is another feature to look for when shopping and comparing vacation tracking software. Vacation request automation is one feature. When an employee submits a vacation request using the system, the request automatically routes to the appropriate manager or supervisor.

Another automation feature is email alerts. Emails go out to appropriate parties throughout the vacation approval process. Managers receive alerts when a vacation request is waiting for their response. Employees receive email alerts when a response is entered into the system. Email alerts can also include reminder messages, letting specific managers, supervisors and employees know when an employee is going to be out of the office.


The ability to customize the system is another feature you can seek. Some systems permit you to choose the state and industry where you run the business. The system automatically uploads any federal or state laws or industry regulations that pertain to your business in conjunction with employee vacation time. Customization features also permit you to choose which employees in the business have access to various areas of the system. While all of the employees might have access to the vacation calendar, only executive management might have access to individual vacation requests.

Vacation tracking software can be an asset to your business. It allows you to manage employee time, such as vacation, sick days and personal days. When shopping and comparing vacation tracking software options, now you know what to look for in a program.


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